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National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Detergent(Taiyuan),to be known as National Light Industry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Detergent, is one of the earliest national quality supervision and inspection centers approved by the state technical supervision bureau(now name by Certification Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China) in 1990.In 1995, it was certified by the commission on science and technology as a state-authorized testing and identification institution for technical results.In 2002,it has been assessed and proved by China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories.It is affiliated with RIDCI ,but it is independent from RIDCI in professional work.It was both led by Certification Accreditation Administration of China and Light Industry Association of China.The center covers an area of 605 square meters and its testing report is valid in China. Based on the RIDCI’s scientific research capability ,it sets up comprehensive advanced analytical and testing methods of surfactants.Prof.WANG Wan-xu,RIDCI’s president,is in charge of the center.

The center was composed of the office and laboratory 1 and laboratory 2.The member population totals to 11,of which 2 person are Prof.senior engineers, 3 person are senior engineers,2 person are engineers and 4 person are technicians. The center is engaging in the analysis and testing methods in the surfactant and detergent field.

Professional work range
  • Quality and arbitration testing for laundry powder,washing agent for dishware,laundry soap,liquid detergents,metal detergents and other washing products.
  • Quality test and performance evaluation of detergent raw materials and other daily chemical products.
  • Quantitative determination,qualitative analysis and property-test for surfactants,
  • Identigy scientific and technological results in daily chemical field.
  • Study on testing methods and set up standard analytical methods.
  • Providing special experimental material to be used in standards or analytical methods.
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