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Shanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Surfactant has a vast array of specialist instrumentation providing valuable information on a wide range of colloid and interface related problems.12 students are awarded master degree in applied chemistry and industrial catalysis by RIDCI each year.2-4 joint Ph.D research projects are cultivated by university and RIDCI as well.

Profession and Research Fields

1.Applied Chemistry(The master point)

                      a.The synthesis and processes of surfactant
                      b. The application and process of surfactant
 c. Surfactant physical chemistry
  d. Surfactant analytical chemistry

2. Industrial Catalysis(The master point)
          a. Industrial Catalysis of surfactant
b. The new catalytic material

3. Applied Chemistry(The doctorial point)
                                             The Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of surfactant

4.Industrial Catalysis(The doctorial point)


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