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China Institute of Daily Chemical Industry(RIDCI) is the earliest professional research institute for r&d of surfactant and detergents in China. RIDCI includes five departments:National Engineering Research Center for Surfactants,the National Center of Quality Supervision and Testing for Detergents,China Standardization Center for Surfactant/Detergent,China Information Center of Daily Chemical Industry,Shanxi Key Laboratory of Surfactants.Equipped with many advanced equipments and module pilot plants,RIDCI has an outstanding scientific research capacity, and also is authorized to consult and design engineering projects and to design pressure vessels of class Ⅰand classⅡ.RIDCI is a registered institution for teaching and awarding of master degrees in applied chemistry and industrial catalysis. 12 students are awarded master degrees each year.2-4 joint Ph.D. research projects are provided by RIDCI and universities as well.
RIDIC has a team of expert researchers and professional technicians of high lever, including 15 experts with state special allowance and 8 professors. Since the National 8thFive-year Plan, it accomplished 350 research projects,100 of which were national or provincial key projects ,and won 90 various prizes.
Since 1999,RIDCI has exercised the policy of openness, flowing, competition and corporation, combining basic research, technology development, testing and standardization, information and marketing and project consultation and design,aiming to provide technology for the industry. With the increase in the development of technologies and products and the establishment of the Shanghai division, RIDCI is moving towards a multiaspect organization of research, production and technology development.
RIDCI insists on taking research and development as the core,with the extention of its business to industrialization and applied basic research,and devotes to innovation and development.Its recent developmental achievements are more than 300.Patents of the core technique are 60.More than 80 various prizes are national or provincial rewards. Many key achievements are including:

  • The technology of One-step Preparation of Tertiary Amine from Fatty Alcohol
  • γ-Al2O3 with double hole distritutions and low density as the carrier of catalysts for alcane dehydrogenation.
  • Preparation of alkyl glucoside by direct method
  • Analysis and sulfonation technology of heavey alkylbenzene
  • Synthesis of alcohol ether carboxylate by direct oxidation
  • Synthesis of fatty acid methyl ester ethoxylates

 In recent decades, RIDCI has been working on key technologies in common,some of them reached international leading level. It has been leading technical development of surfactant industry in China, with emphasis on technologies concerning cleaner production of important surfactants and related raw materials.RIDCI also pays much attention to developing new surfactants with special function.
  RIDCI has been working on investigation of catalysis in the field of surfactant manufacture, especially in the field of catalyst preparation and catalytic process technology.RIDCI has made great contribution to the catalytic preparation of surfactant industry in China.
 Equipped with many advanced instruments and module pilot plants,RIDCI is one of the authorities at home and abroad. It has a team of expert researchers and professional technicians in chemical technique and engineering.
Shanxi Provincial engineering research center of nano-technology application in RIDCI has been studying in the field of nano-meterial application, nanometer microreactor and application of surfactant in the surface modification of nano-materials.
Study of basic theory of surfactant application has carried out in RIDCI since the establishment of Shanxi Key Laboratory of Surfactant,including rheology of concentrated solution of surfactant,microemulsion application basic theory and aggregates of surfactant.
RIDCI focuses on developing advanced equipments for manufacturing large quantity industrial raw material of surfactants and special small equipments.
The main contents of study are applied technologies and development of new products in energy,new materaisl,medicine and agrochemicals.These stydies have great significance to the development of related industries.
Solving the problems in related industries such as daily chemicals,food,paper making,petroleum,plastics and agrochemical.



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