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2018 International Conference on Surfactant & Detergent(ICSD 2018)
Time: January 11,2018    Clicks:

2018(15th) International Conference on SurfactantDetergent ( ICSD 2018)

Openness  Greening  Sharing

24th~26th April, 2018

Shanghai GUOMAN HOTEL, China



China Cleaning Industry Association (CCIA)

China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry (RIDCI)



China Information Center of Daily Chemical Industry

National Productivity Promotion Center of Surfactant and Detergent

National Cleaning Products Quality Supervision and Testing Center



Surfactant Committee of CCIA

Science &Technology Committee of CCIA

National Engineering Research Center for Surfactant

National Standardization Committee of Surfactant and Detergent



Xi'an Kaimi Co., Ltd.

BASF (China) Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Bluemoon Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Wincom Flavors & Fragrances Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Keywa Chemical Trading Center Co., Ltd.

Unilever (China) Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Huashi New Material Ltd., Co.

Sinolight Surfactants Technology Co.,Ltd.

Beijing Lvsan Chemistry Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry


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April 24th, 2018  Tuesday

09:00-20:00  Registration (Shanghai Guoman Hotel Lobby)


April 25th, 2018  Wednesday  09:00-09:20  Opening Ceremony

09:00-09:10  Opening Speech

                     Zheng Wu-hong (President of CCIA)

09:10-09:20  Welcome Speech

                     Wang Wan-xu (President of RIDCI)


April 25th, 2018  Wednesday  09:20-11:50  Special Report

Location: Banquet Hall, Second Floor

09:20-09:50  Development Status and Hotspot Analysis of Global Detergent Industry

                     Zhang Hua-tao (General Secretary of CCIA)

09:50-10:20  Silk Road Surfactants and Detergents

                     ——the Silk Road Distribution of China Green Surfactants

                     Wieslaw Hreczuch (CEO, MEXEO Wieslaw Hreczuch Company, Poland)

10:20-10:50  Innovation and Development of Chinese Surfactants

                     Sun Yong-qiang (Vice President of RIDCI)

10:50-11:20 Towards Compaction, Functionalization, Customization and Sustainable Development for the Detergent Industry

                    Mao Jian-wen (Global Vice President,BASF (China) Co., Ltd.)

11:20-11:50  Green Product, Better Life

                     Shen Jun ( R & D Director, Home Care North Asia, Unilever (China) Co., Ltd.)


April 25th, 2018  Wednesday  13:30-17:00  Basic Research Report

Location: Banquet Hall, Second Floor

13:30-14:00  Advanced Falling Film Reactor Modelling for Sulfonated Surfactant Production

                     Martino Di Serio (Professor of Industrial Chemistry at the Department of Chemical Sciences, University of

Naples Federico II, Italy)

14:00-14:30  Future of Amino Acid Based Surfactants

                     Wang Chang-guo (Technical Director , Nanjing Huashi New Material Co.,Ltd.)

14:30-15:00 Challenges and Opportunities on Laundry Detergent Compaction

                    Tang Ming (Principle Scientist of P&G Beijing Innovation Center)

15:00-15:30  Preparation and Properties of Sulfonated Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Ethoxylates

                     Niu Jin-ping (Professor, National Engineering Research Center for Surfactants)

15:30-16:00  Influence of Concentration and Degree of Ethoxylation of Rapeseed Oil Fatty Acids MethylEsters (Rofame) on Selected Properties of Hand Dishwashing Liquids

                     Tomasz Wasilewski (Vice President of Polish Society of Commodity Science, Poland)

16:00-16:30  Synthesis of Labile Surfactants:the Controlled Release of Fragrances

                     Han Jian-wei (Associate Professor at East China University of Science And Technology)

16:30-17:00  Novel Surfactants Based on Natural Oil

                     Yang Hui-yan (Vice Director of Technical Department, Sinolight Surfactants Technology Co., Ltd.)


April 26th, 2018  Thursday  09:00-11:55  Industrial Application Report

Location: Banquet Hall, Second Floor

09:00-09:35  Synthesis and Application of Comb-like Polycarboxylate Dispersant in Disperse Dyeing

                     Zhong Yi (Ph.O, Donghua University)

09:35-10:10  Recent Developments of Surfactants in Lubrication

                     Girma Biresaw (Lead Scientist, USDA)

10:10-10:45  Synthesis of Gemini Surfactant and Its Application in Leather Fatliquor

                      Lyu Bin (Vice president, Bioresources Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, Shaanxi University

of Science and Technology)

10:45-11:20 Overview and Innovating Application of Microencapsulation Essence

                    He Luo-qiang (Vice General Manager, Guangdong Wincom Flavors & Fragrances Co., Ltd.)

11:20-11:55  Technological Progress of Alkyl Polyglycosides Derivatives

                      Bai Liang (Senior Engineer, National Productivity Promotion Center of Surfactants & Detergent)


April 26th, 2018  Thursday  13:30-16:25  Special Report

Location: Banquet Hall, Second Floor

13:30-14:05  Situation and Development Trend of Domestic and International Standards on Surfactant & Detergent Industry

                     Yao Chen-zhi (General Secretary, National Standardization Committee of Surfactant and Detergent)

14:05-14:40  Global Palm Oil Market Outlook 2018

                     DESMOND NG KOK HOOI (Chief Representative of MPOC Shanghai Representative Office)

14:40-15:15  Standards to Enable Differentiation

                      Sander Lerche Rasmussen (Marketing Manager, Novozymes (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)

15:15-15:50  Adhering to Green and Low-carbon Philosophy and Promoting Healthy Washing

                     Gao Huan-quan (R&D Center Director, Xi 'an Kaimi Co., Ltd.)

15:50-16:25  Current and Prospects of In Vitro Biotechnology Application on Cosmetics

                     Cheng Shu-jun (Director of Technical Center, Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau)


April 26th, 2018  Thursday  16:25-16:40  Closing Ceremony

Location: Banquet Hall, Second Floor

16:25-16:40  Closing Speech

                     Wang Wan-xu (President of RIDCI)


Conference language

Chinese and English


Registration fee

Participant: RMB 3000 or USD 500; Invited Speakers and Students: RMB 1500 or USD 250 (Fees include proceeding, buffet, and reception dinner)


Online registration




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