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Launching Ceremony of China Detergent & Cosmetics Held in Shanghai
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On April 27th, the launching ceremony of the first issue of China Detergent & Cosmetics (hereafter referred as to CDC) was held in Shanghai Guoman Hotel. It is an international English periodical published by China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry (hereafter referred as to RIDCI).

The event is full of solemnization. Mr. Ning Cheng, vice president of RIDCI, also served as the deputy chief editor of CDC, hosted the ceremony. Several invited guests are as follows: Mr. Huatao Zhang, general secretary of China Cleaning Industry Association (CCIA); Mrs. Jian Jin, vice chairman and general secretary of Shanghai Daily Chemistry Trade Association; Mr. Yuliang Liu, CEO of Jala Group; Mr. Bergmann Woflgang, R&D director of Category Discover Leader Skin Care, Unilever; Mr. Franz Weingart, R&D director of personal care chemicals division of BASF (China) Co., Ltd; Mr. Hirasawa, director of Professional Regulatory Affairs of Kao (China) Holding Co., Ltd; Mr. Shaomin Wei, chief scientist of Shanghai Jahwa Cooperation, etc.


Vice president of RIDCI, Ning Cheng hosted the ceremony

                   Invited guests in the launching ceremony in Shanghai Guoman Hotel


President Wang Wanxu delivered opening speech

Mr. Wanxu Wang, the president of China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry, delivered the opening speech and showed sincere gratitude to the attendees. He said, “CDC has been considered as the first English version journal in the domain of daily chemical industry of China, filling a gap of no foreign language journals within this field. The publication of CDC will build a communication bridge for foreign companies, and becoming into a perfect window for Chinese enterprises to demonstrate their products and technologies to the world.” RIDCI will fully reallocate resources and give supports in terms of finance, manpower and technology to CDC, creating it as a decent platform for the communication sharing of daily chemical industry and facilitating new impetus to the development of daily chemical industry of China and the world.

President Wang has pointed out, “Started from the launching ceremony, RIDCI will make every effort to develop CDC as a national-level periodical in China. First of all, establishing internationalized Editorial Board in a shortest period of time, including the outstanding experts in charge of article reviewing, authors from different countries and regions, and the steady readership. Secondly, exploring diversified publishing channels, such as paper media, electronic periodicals and network pieces. Meanwhile, multimedia and mobile applications are also in consideration. Thirdly, professional supports will be provided in a form of network cloud during the courses of editing and publishing, covering the procedures from article revision to periodical subscription and so on. Fourthly, setting up information acquisition stations in several key countries and regions, like North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, to accomplish the goal of localization service gradually. Fifthly, developing wide cooperation with world famous periodicals, including Happi, SPC, Personal Care, Euro Cosmetics, Cosmetics & Toiletries, etc, learn from each other and draw on their experiences, to improve the industrial effects of CDC at home and abroad. Last but not least, RIDCI will dispatch staffs to participate in various kinds of global activities related to daily chemical industry, bring them with new opportunities to refresh their mind and outlook, which will upgrade the popularity of CDC and accumulate precious resources for the further sustainable development of CDC.”



               Mrs. Jian Jin delivered her speech on the congratulation to

Mrs. Jian Jin, the delegate from Shanghai Daily Chemistry Trade Association expressed great congratulations to the first issue of CDC, addressing that her association will also contribute to the fast development of CDC, providing a full range of support and help in the following days.

President of MEXEO Company gave his speech as representative of article revision group

Representatives from article proofreading group, author group and reader group also gave the speeches in the ceremony. President Wieslaw Hreczuch from MEXEO Cooperation, Poland said that, “The work of scientists is usually well documented in the literature and this way communicated to the scientific community and to the industry concerned. An indispensable tool for this purpose is provided by publishing professional journals. This new initiative to issue an English-language version of the journal---China Detergents & Cosmetics brilliantly expands its impact on the global market. It brings a mutual benefit of information exchange among the authors and readers from all over the world.” Besides, he also conveyed a congratulatory letter from Professor Krystyna Czaja of Opole University, who is also a close friend and collaborator of the Institute of RIDCI.


Dr. Xin Qu from Ashland gave his speech as author representative of first issue of CDC

Dr. Xin Qu, the R&D manager of Ashland (China) Holdings Co., Ltd, showed his great concern for the publication of CDC, and said, “the birth of CDC is full of great significance. It means that a new window is open to the world in the field of China’s personal care industry. It shows our strengths to the world, and acquires valuable experiences from outside at the same time, deeply exploring the potential of this industry around China and the world.”

Dr. Tarek Salem from Egyptian National Research Center gave his speech as reader representative

Mr. Tarek Salem from Egyptian National Research Center expressed his best wishes to CDC, showing that CDC will overcome the barrier of language and for the purpose of attracting more attention in the field of daily chemical industry in China, which will allow people to exchange more information, ideas and experience in this field.

At  last, President Wanxu Wang and Mr. Liu Yuliang, the CEO of Jala Group, unveiled the first issue of CDC together, and President Wang presented the hard-cover edition of first issue of CDC to all the guests.

President Wang presented the first issue to Mr. Bergmann Wolfgang, R&D director of

Catogory Discover Leader Skin Care, Unilever

President Wang presented the first issue to Mr. Franz Weingart, R&D director of

 Personal Care Chemicals Division, BASF (China), Co., Ltd

President Wang presented the first issue to Mr. Arkadiusz Chruściel, manager of MEXEO Company, Poland

President Wang presented the first issue to Mr. Hirasawa, director of Professional Regulatory Affairs of Kao (China) Holding Co., Ltd

CDC is the first comprehensive English version periodical in the field of Chinese daily chemical industry, aiming at providing a communicative platform for information exchange and industrial cooperation both in technology research and marketing development. It will become into a professional and innovative medium to improve the overall standard of the whole personal care industry of China in the future.


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