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14th International Conference on Surfactant & Detergent (2016 ICSD) Held in Shanghai
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On April 27th to 29th, the fourteenth International Conference on Surfactant & Detergent (hereafter referred as ICSD) was held in Shanghai Guoman Hotel, China. The conference was sponsored by China Cleaning Industry Association (CCIA) and China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry (RIDCI), and organized by China Information Center of Daily Chemical Industry, China National Productivity Promotion Center of Surfactant and Detergent, China National Cleaning Products Quality Supervision and Testing Center. The co-organizers were as follows: Surfactant Committee of CCIA, Science & Technology Committee of CCIA, China National Engineering Research Center for Surfactant, China National Standardization Committee of Surfactant and Detergent and Sinolight Surfactants Technology Co., Ltd. In addition, the following enterprises provided sponsorship for the event, including Guangzhou Bluemoon Industrial Co., Ltd, Tianjin Haoyuan Chemical Co., Ltd, Jala Group, Guangzhou Lonkey Industrial Co., Ltd and Beijing LvSan Chemistry Co., Ltd.


2016 ICSD Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony was held in the morning of April 28th. Mrs. Wuhong Zheng, the general director of CCIA, delivered her speech, “China has been a dominant power in fields of surfactant and detergent in terms of production and consumption with an increasing number of marketing share around the whole world. Under the implementation of the “One Belt and One Road” strategy issued by Chinese government recently, China’s daily chemical industry will comprehensively blend into the global market at a fast speed, being one of the most active nation in this domain.”


                               Mrs. Wuhong Zheng delivered opening speech of 2016 ICSD 

Mr. Wanxu Wang, the president of RIDCI, gave the welcoming speech in the ceremony and pointed out, “after the founding of International Conference on Surfactant and Detergent decades of years ago, it has been attracting more than 6,000 attendees from about 50 countries and regions. The number of participant companies has been over 1,000, and the academic papers submitted to conference committee also has been surpassed 1,000. In recent years, ICSD has been developed into a communicative bridge for connecting China and the world from the perspective of surfactant and detergent industries, served as a large platform of information sharing in this field.”


President Wanxu Wang delivered welcoming speech of 2016 ICSD



Excellent academic papers posted out for public demonstration

Professor Liqiang Zheng presented oral report---Ionic Liquid Microemulsions and Surface Active Ionic Liquids


Mr. Huatao Zhang presented oral report---A Review of Detergent Industry Development Situation at Home and Abroad

Mr. Yongqiang Sun presented oral report---Reviews and Prospects on Surfactants in China

Mr. Arkadiusz Chruściel presented oral report---the Room for Improvement of Industrial Sulfonation of Alkylbenzene

Dr. Tarek Salem presented oral report---Applications of Surfactants in Textile Finishing


The success of 2016 ICSD will provide an information exchange and cooperation platform for insiders, which fully reflecting the developing trend of daily chemical industry of the whole world and displaying the latest results of technology progress within this field. President Wang made a comprehensive conclusion in the closing speech on Aril 29th, he said, “in the future, RIDCI will reallocate resources and bring innovative ideas into the preparation work of the following conferences, exploring new potential in matter of conference forms and contents, trying to meet higher requirements related to academic exchange, technology progress and industrial development, creating ICSD as a world famous and professional conference in daily chemical industry.”


Meanwhile, the 2016 International Exhibition on Surfactants & Detergents was held in Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing. It was sponsored by RIDCI and China National Productivity Promotion Center of Surfactant and Detergent, organized by China Information Center of Daily Chemical Industry and Shanghai Yihan Exhibition Service Company. According to general statistics, there were more than 100 exhibitors from 12 countries and professional visitors from 30 countries who attended the exhibition, reaching a total number of over 10,000 from April 27th to 29th.



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