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ICSD 2014
Time: June 28,2013    Clicks:


2014 International Conference on Surfactant & Detergent

 (ICSD 2014)


9th~11th April, 2014

Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

Shanghai, China



China Cleaning Industry Association (CCIA)

China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry (RIDCI)



China Information Center of Daily Chemical Industry

China National Productivity Promotion Center of Surfactant and Detergent

China National Cleaning Products Quality Supervision and Testing Center



Surfactant Committee of CCIA

Science & Technology Committee of CCIA

China National Engineering Research Center for Surfactant

China National Standardization Committee of Surfactant and Detergent





Conference Modules

1 Research on technology and market

2 Special reports

3 Specialized exhibition

4 Specialized information announces

5 Poster display

6 Subject advert (conference proceeding and show board etc.)

7 Welcome dinner


Papers topics

1 Status & trend of global surfactant and detergent industry;

2 Status & trend of Chinese surfactant and detergent industry;

3 Development & application of functional and green surfactants

4 Application of surfactants in personal care products

5 Application and market of surfactants in various industries (such as leather, textile, construction materials, paper making, petroleum, water treatment and medicine etc.);

6 Development & application of special surfactants;

7 Formulation and manufacturing technology in cleaning products;

8 Development situations of detergent builders;

9 Laws and regulations of surfactants and related products;

10 Other related contents on surfactant


Instructions for the submission

Submitted work should be written in English or Chinese. All submitted papers in this conference shall not be released in any other publications or conference proceedings before. Request submissions with clear arguments, concise text, reliable data; papers should follow the sequence of title, author, unit (name of unit, provinces and cities, ZIP), abstract, key words, body of the paper and references. The first author must clearly explain the contribution of the work in terms of its theoretical and/or practical value and relationship to previous work, and birth date, sex, nationality and position must be included also.

Please submit your papers or extended abstracts (in Chinese or English)

before December 31th,2013. Full length manuscripts should be sent before February 28, 2014. Word typesetting (MS Word) is required for each submitted paper and submissions should be sent as an email attachment to . Submissions should be formatted with your personal contact details (address, ZIP, telephone number and e-mail).



Poster display

ICSD2014 includes a special poster session for the papers



EXPO of ICSD 2014



China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry (RIDCI)

China National Productivity Promotion Center of Surfactant and Detergent



China Information Center of Daily Chemical Industry

Shanghai Yihan Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.



China National Engineering Research Center for Surfactant

China National Standardization Committee of Surfactant and Detergent


Official web site

Exhibition range:

  • Anionic surfactant, cationic surfactant, nonionic surfactant, amphoteric surfactant; new organic silicon surfactants, biological surfactants, special surfactants such as fluorochemical surfactant: new type of special green surfactants such as fatty acid methyl ester ethoxylate  (FMEE), fatty acid methyl ester  (MES), alkyl polysaccharide glycoside (APG), glucamide,ect;
  • Alkyl benzene (AB) , epoxy ethane (EO), propylene oxide (PO), nonyl phenol (NP), octyl phenol (OP), ethylene glycol (EG), polyethylene glycol (PEG), ethanolamine (EA), fatty acids, fatty alcohols, fatty amine, fatty acid methyl ester, etc;
  • Detergents: sodium tri-polyphosphate, sodium silicate, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, brightening agent, enzyme, raw materials and intermediates;
  • Personnel care and household products : soap(toilet soap), powdered detergent, liquid detergent, bath wash, hand washing, dish washing detergent, cleaner, industrial, I&I detergent, ect;
  • Daily chemical products of packaging technology, material and mechanical equipment;
  • Other complex surfactants, detergent and all kinds of surfactants, research results, patents ;


Exhibition fees:

Standard booth (9 sq. m): A (Foreign-funded enterprise): USD$2,800

                                B(Domestic enterprise): RMB¥11,800

Standard booth fee includes a wall-to-wall carpet , three-side enclosing board, facial boards with company name both in English & Chinese, one reception counter, two chairs, one spot light , one 220V / 500W / power socket ( Please notify us in advance, if you have any special needs for electricity. The fee shall be additionally paid to the exhibition organizers.)

 Indoor Raw Space Foreign-funded enterprise:USD$ 280 / ㎡

Domestic enterprise: RMB¥1,100 / ㎡

Raw space fee includes a show space at least 36 sq. m, without any equipment. Expenses on any exhibition equipments, power utilization and booth construction shall be borne by exhibitors.

In accordance with the principle of "first sign up, first pay, first arranged", the organizers have the right to move some booths.


Exhibition floor plan


Conference language

Official language of conference: Chinese and English


Information announce

According to the enterprises’ requirement, the conference will hold specialized information announces. For more details, please contact the secretariat.

Fees: 5 000 yuan/15 min or 30 000 yuan for company full programmer.



Shanghai Everbright Convention& Exhibition Center International Hotel

Address: No.66 Caobao Road, Shanghai,China (west hall)

Tel: 86-21-64842500

Web site:

Map of Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center International Hotel



Registration fee

Before February 28, 2014 : 2000yuan / USD300

After March 1,2014: 2500yuan / USD 400

Invited speakers and students: 1000yuan / USD 150

(Fees includes a proceeding, buffet, coffee/tea break and welcome dinner)



1. Registration on line:

2. Please complete this form and fax back to +86-351-4128323

3. E-mail to:

Given Name_______________________

Family Name ______________________



Address __________________________

Post/Zip Code, City __________________

Country __________________________

Phone ___________________________

Fax _____________________________




Secretariat of ICSD2014:

China Information Center of Daily Chemical Industry

Postal address :34 Wenyuan Street, Taiyuan, Shanxi, 030001, P.R.China.



Web site:


Exhibition contact

Shanghai Yihan Exhibition Service CO.,Ltd.

Postal address: Room 1705, Block no.2,Minfu Building,

Lane 228, Xinjian Road, Shanghai, China

Postcode: 200110

Tel: 86-21-64137426 64133729



Web site:                              


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