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March 2013
Preparation of tremella, speranskiae tuberculatae and eriocaulon buergerianum extracts and their performance in cosmetics
Author : ZHANG Kai, MENG Xiang-yan, SUN Yong, GUO Ping-ye

Unit Name : (Guangzhou Huanya Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, Guangdong 510633, China)

Abstract: The extraction conditions of Tremella fruiting body polysaccharides, Speranskia grass composition and Flos Eriocauli valley of flavonoids were optimized by orthogonal test, and the efficacy of three extracts in skin care products were evaluated. The results showed that on the optimized conditions, the yield of Tremella fruiting body polysaccharides was 32.15%, and that of  Flos Eriocauli flavone 0.067% as well. The diameter of bacteria inhibition zone of Speranskia grass extract, diluted 5 times before test, was 22.2mm. The mixture of three extracts, with optimized proportion, showed obvious bacteriostatic ring, the similar moisturizing effect as 1% sodium hyaluronate product, and the free radical clearance was over 80% at the same time under the test condition. This study provided theoretical basis for the application of herbal extracts in cosmetics.
Key words: tremella fruiting body;speranskia grass;flos eriocauli;polysaccharide flavone;moisture rate;inhibitory zone;anti-free radical


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